A Quick Reference Guide for Marketing an Online Conference

Marketing an Online ConferenceWhy should I attend your online conference?

That’s the essential question that every conference marketing campaign should answer for each attendee. It is the tried and true, ‘What’s in it for me?’

Does your marketing program communicate the benefits and your unique value proposition? Are you telling a compelling story that resonates with your audience? Are you demonstrating that an online conference will be just as valuable to attendees as an in-person event?

We’ve compiled a list of resources from across the web to develop a strong online conference marketing plan. Many of the ideas have successfully been used with in-person, live events and can be tailored to fit the needs of your online audience.

Personalize the Conference Marketing Experience – Marketing is much more meaningful when the audience feels you are talking directly to them. Read about the power of a personalized event experience.

24 Tips To Increase Conference and Event ROI Using Social Media – Learn how to use social media for audience engagement with your event marketing. These tactics take you beyond promotions and help build a relationship with your audience.

Creating A Radical Welcome to the Conference – The conference welcome is your audience’s very first real time impression. You’ve engaged them during pre-event activities but the welcome is key to the attendee experience. Learn how to make them feel important.

The Ultimate Guide to Free Marketing – An eBook with over 97 free resources and tools to help market both the organization and online events.

Marketing Your Conference Online with a Budget – More budget-friendly ideas for associations with small marketing budgets, incorporate these grassroots ideas into your online marketing efforts.

Dos and Don’ts of Conference Marketing – Learn what you should steer clear from when it is time to create a conference theme, and a few mistakes to avoid with your pre and post-event marketing.

Four Tools for Promoting Event Speakers – The speakers are one of the biggest draws for an audience. Incorporate these four ideas into your speaker promotions campaign.

Tactics for Promoting Your Conference – This list includes a few ideas plus several websites where you can announce your conference.

How to Engage Attendees Before the Event – Build momentum and get to know delegates before the event. Activities like these will produce a better ROI for many years to come.

Looking for more resources? Take a look at the iCohere eBook library with tools for successful event planning.

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2 Responses to A Quick Reference Guide for Marketing an Online Conference

  1. Some great articles listed here! I love the one about Welcoming All With Conference Radical Hospitality from Velvet Chainsaw.
    Thanks a lot for including our Tactics for Promoting Your Conference from The Conference Mentor. We actually have an entire section of our blog dedicated to promoting conferences, in particular about conference websites and attracting attendees.

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