Delivering Excellence in Human Resources Through Online Learning

Elearning Best PracticesA Look at the International Public Management Association for Human Resources

When an organization is praised for being one of the best in the industry for providing professional and leadership development to public sector human resources professionals, the training programs have to push the boundaries of excellence. That’s precisely why the team at IPMA-HR sets the standards for their training programs so high.

IPMA-HR has been serving the interests of HR professionals since 1906, and is the leading public sector human resources organization in the world. Every program they launch is designed to promote excellence in HR management and help professionals across the world promote their careers in the public sector.

IPMA-HR - A Case Study

The IPMA-HR Professional Development program was designed specifically for public sector HR professionals. It offers a number of courses and webinars, and an internationally-recognized professional certification. The program helps professionals from all levels increase their value to their organization and position themselves for future career advancement.

Here’s a look at how IPMA-HR has been able to deliver excellent online programs since 2001.

Integrating Multiple Learning Resources and Channels to Meet Student Needs

IPMA-HR uses the iCohere Unified Learning System to host its professional development courses and certificate program. The flexibility of the platform allows for multiple modes of learning, so students can choose the resources and channels that best meet their learning needs and professional demands.

Jacqueline Snyder, professional development manager at IPMA-HR, said the iCohere platform helps consolidate information and support student interactions and engagement.

“Parts of the courses are text heavy and we use the resource center and classroom to keep everything together, in one place for students,” said Snyder.

IPMA-HR offers a prestigious HR certification program for management level professionals striving to advance in the public sector. Developed in 1999 and titled the IPMA-HR Certified Professional (IPMA-CP), it is the only professional credential that is public-sector focused and competency-based. The IPMA-CP is a designation that symbolizes excellence as an HR expert, business partner, leader and change agent in the field of human resources.

IPMA-HR also offers a certificate program for those new to Public Sector Human Resources. The Public Sector HR Essentials Certificate program is geared toward those who are entry-level or new to the Public Sector. The certificate program is comprehensive and covers eight modules of competencies required for entry-level into the public sector HR arena. Modules for this program include Public Sector HR Essentials, Recruitment, Selection, Classification/Compensation, Benefits, Labor & Employee Relations, EEO & Diversity and Organizational Development.

Focusing on Student Engagement and Interaction for an Optimal Learning Experience

Developing Competencies for HR Success, which began as a live course, is now primarily offered online and covers a complex curriculum. Snyder said that student engagement and interaction is paramount for their success, and so discussion boards are key to the program.

“As part of the program, we use a discussion board where students and the instructor can interact, and students can answer questions and submit exercises from the course,” she explained. “The instructor is able to comment, and students can converse with the instructor, as well as with each other. They are able to build a strong network of HR contacts, which offers long-term career benefits.”

Implementing the Right Learning Management System to Deliver the Program

In addition to needing a system that could deliver a variety of content across several different channels, IPMA-HR also considered the unique needs of students. Many students are juggling full-time jobs and a family life while pursing professional development. To accommodate the learning needs of students, the program offers students the flexibility to login anytime and anyplace and do the work at their own pace and schedule.

Debbie Tankersely-Snook, special assistant at IPMA-HR, said, “iCohere is a great platform. We’ve offered development training for many years, and this is my fourth platform. Others were not as user-friendly or geared to classroom learning.”

Choosing the right learning management system can be time-consuming and costly for an organization, and there is a risk of program disruption if the wrong system is chosen.  Changing from one platform to another after implementation is also costly.  For optimal success, choose a platform that meets program demands and will also accommodate future expansion.

Learn more about eLearning best practices at the iCohere library featuring on-demand trainings.

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