Training Series: Designing The Most Effective Association eLearning Programs

When Dr. Amanda Batson presented at the ASAE Annual Conference and Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia (ASAE13), she asked for feedback from the conference participants.

Batson said she always learns when she teaches and this conference was no exception. Below are three takeaways from session participants:

  1. Association leaders want to lead creatively yet recognize organizational resistance to change.
  2. Associations are considering mobile as a learning delivery option but the challenge is in the details.
  3. Associations keep curriculum in an academic box and do not realize the transformative, sustainable power of a written curriculum for professional development.

The last item grabs your attention. While many associations are at least planning professional development offerings (eLearning programs) for members, not all programs are designed using the most effective tactics.

Does your association have a clear, effective eLearning Program from strategy to evaluation?


on-demand-unified-learning-design-studio_Introducing the Unified Learning Design Studio

The iCohere Academy and ADB Partners introduce a complimentary webinar series: Unified Learning Design Studio.

Pave a clear pathway to building better eLearning programs for your association with this 10-part webinar series. The series is available in the iCohere Academy, a free, worldwide professional community of practice dedicated to the evolution of webinars, web meetings and courses, and hybrid/virtual conferences.

10-Session Series – Training Curriculum:

  • Strategy, Tactics, & Responsive Planning
  • Business Models – what works?
  • Platform Basics and Beyond
  • Adult Learners & eLearning
  • Successful Unified Learning with Limited Resources
  • Designing Curriculum: Ties that Bind
  • Instructional Design for 2016 and beyond
  • Digital Relations: Virtual & In-Person
  • Roles & Responsibilities — Staff or Contractor?
  • Success Stories – Behind the scenes with successful associations and organizations



  • The series includes building a Unified Learning Tool Set and ongoing discussion boards focusing on best practices for Unified Learning Success.


  • Join 850 peers with a complimentary membership to the iCohere Academy.

Want to learn more about eLearning design? Join the iCohere Academy for free, and gain access to this unique 10-part ‘on-demand’ webinar series and many others for free. Join the academy here.


After registration:
Log on to the ‘iCohere Academy’
Select ‘ULD Studio’.
*You may have to download ‘WebEx’ to view this. Don’t worry, it is fast and free.

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