How they do it: Association’s succeeding with Member Online Learning

on-demand-unified-learning-design-studio_On February 9, 2016, Dr. Amanda Batson hosted the first of 10 webinars in a series aptly named Unified Learning Design Studio. The concept of the series came from a presentation Dr. Batson had given over two years earlier at the ASAE Annual Conference and Exhibition in Atlanta. When asked to give feedback about associations and eLearning program development, the participants of the conference indicated “Associations keep curriculum in an academic box and do not realize the transformative, sustainable power of a written curriculum for professional development.”

It seemed that while many associations were at least planning professional development offerings (online learning programs) for members, not all programs were designed using the most effective tactics. This led to the question, “Does your association have a clear, effective eLearning program from strategy to evaluation?” What’s more, “Does your association offer a unified learning experience where preferred modes of learning are integrated into one delivery platform?” The Unified Learning Design Studio webinar series answers these questions and shows how to build a successful online learning program.

From February through November 2016, Dr. Batson hosted one session each month covering a topic related to eLearning design including tools and resources. In the final webinar, Dr. Batson recaps content from the first nine webinars in addition to showcasing the customizable tools she has provided (Unified Learning Tool Set) to help participants with their own eLearning programs.

Joining Dr. Batson for the final webinar are Courtney Smith, Manager, Learning & Communications, International Lactation Consultant Association and Marta Okoniewski, MPA, Director of Student Engagement, American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Together, they recount two association success stories in unified learning.

Register now to join the iCohere Academy for free, and gain access to the entire on-demand series and the Unified Learning Tool Set. Below is a recap of all the sessions and the planning tools provided with each session.

Topics of Discussion and Their Associated Tools:

Session 1: Strategy, Tactics, and Responsive Planning
Resources: Learning Asset Inventory Template, UL Design Matrix Template

Session 2: Adult Learners and eLearning
Resources: Unified Learning Design Tool: eLearning per Adult Learning Principles

Session 3: Platform Basics and Beyond
Resources: Tool for System Review, Resource List

Session 4: Team Roles & Responsibilities
Resources: ‘Create a Team’ Template, List of Team Roles & Responsibilities

Session 5: Making the Business Case
Resources: Independent Practitioner’s Guide to Launching an eLearning Program, Resource List, Virtual Conference Budget Comparison Workbook, Virtual Conference Profit/Loss Model

Session 6: Unified Learning with Limited Resources
Resources: Resources Analysis Tool, Unified Learning ROI Workbook

Session 7: Curriculum: Ties That Bind
Resources: Curriculum Analysis Tool

Session 8: Instructional Design for Adult Learners
Guest Speaker: Tracy King, Chief Learning Strategist & Founder of InspirEd
Resources: Instructional Design Resources

Session 9: Digital Bridges for Unified Learning
Guest Speaker: Jo Lynn Deal, myMarketing Café
Resources: Template for Digital Bridges

Session 10: Unified Learning Case Studies: Success Stories

Want to learn more about eLearning design? Join the iCohere Academy for free, and gain access to this unique 10-part ‘on-demand’ webinar series and many others for free. Join the academy here.


After registration:
Log on to the ‘iCohere Academy’
Select ‘ULD Studio’.
*You may have to download ‘WebEx’ to view this. Don’t worry, it is fast and free.

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