How To Get More Sponsors For Your Online Events

Online events, from webinars to eLearning to virtual conferences, can potentially have a very long shelf life. Conversely, at a traditional in-person training, seminar or conference that brings people together for a set period of time for information sharing, there is a beginning and an end. Whereas online content that is recorded and retained can be repurposed in a multitude of ways for as long as the content is relevant.

Because of their global reach and long shelf life, online events can also be a significant revenue source for businesses. Revenue comes from ticket sales, advertisers, the sale of content, membership dues, and sponsorships, to name a few areas. From this list, one of the biggest revenue generators is from event sponsorships, because businesses seek sponsorship opportunities that will provide them with long-lasting exposure to their ideal audience.

Keys to developing successful event sponsorship packages

THIS CONFERENCE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BYFrom a marketing perspective, when developing sponsorship packages for online events, we need to consider tactics that are measurable and impactful. Our goals should be to provide businesses that sponsor the event the opportunity to:

  • Generate qualified leads with a high potential for conversion.
  • Interact with ideal prospects to build relationships.
  • Demonstrate their product or service to a target market.
  • Strengthen brand awareness about the company, and place them top-of-mind with a target audience.
  • And most importantly, impact sales revenue.

Even though we have identified the top measurable and meaningful benefits our sponsorship package should provide, it’s important to remember that each sponsor will also have marketing goals specific to their business. This is why sponsorship levels and benefits should not be one-size-fits-all. In the one-size-fits-all scenario, your organization could be missing out, because prospective sponsors may review your promotional benefits and find that none fit their marketing or business goals.

When developing sponsor levels turn to Engagement Marketing

Using a strategic marketing approach called Engagement Marketing, we can help sponsors generate high-converting leads, interact with prospects, demonstrate their products, and impact sales revenue.

Engagement Marketing is a strategy that directly engages the event attendees to invite and encourage them to participate in the sponsor’s brand experience. When you incorporate engagement marketing into your sponsorship benefits, you’re speaking their marketing language!

Because much of the content used in Engagement Marketing is developed and provided by the sponsor, it demonstrates the expertise of the sponsor, while also showing the event attendees the benefits they will receive from attending the event. Examples of engagement marketing include an event welcome video, facilitating an online chat, hosting a training session, and authoring an eBook.

But that’s not all, companies that host online events also need to consistently work on growing their audience reach. The more people you reach with your event, who are ideally suited prospects for your sponsors, the more valuable your sponsorship program becomes. The premise of marketing is to attract ideal clients. If you can do that for your sponsors using your online events, your event is a great investment for the sponsor.

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