Four Free On-Demand Trainings to Improve eLearning Design and Marketing

Designing an effective eLearning program is the most important aspect of the eLearning process. Achieving this requires a solid understanding of the audience, and incorporating several methods specifically tailored to that audience, thus allowing them to reach their learning objectives. A few of many methods include case studies, stories, or practice exercises, which are strategically architected using clear goals and objectives to promote self-paced and results-oriented learning.

Now flash forward… You’ve designed an eLearning program that truly resonates with your learners. It’s time to get the word out. Even the best designed eLearning programs need effective marketing to support them.

Ready to grow your programs?

Here’s a look at four free on-demand trainings to help improve eLearning design and marketing.

The first training is Designing for Engagement with Tracy King, where Tracy walks you through a fascinating interpretation of how we process information leading to better methods of designing learning experiences to maximize the learning process. Tracy also shares three ‘Super Strategies’: Visual Design, Story, and Social Connection to encourage engagement. She further adds, “When learners feel like they’re not on the ‘inside’, they disengage,” and she follows with how to design inclusive learning experiences.

The second training, Monetizing eLearning: Value Proposition and Pricing Strategies, is also hosted by Tracy King and will assist you with developing pricing strategies designed to generate long-term revenue. You and your learners should know the value of the courses and programs you offer, and Tracy demonstrates how to create a strong value proposition for online programs. She also shares the most common mistakes associations make with their registration process, and then discusses five pricing strategies that turn programs from event-based to evergreen revenue streams.

Modern Strategies for Marketing eLearning Programs is the third training, and features guest host Jo Lynn Deal, Inbound Marketer and founder of myMarketing Cafe. Jo Lynn will show how many organizations are using Inbound marketing to draw new and recurring visitors to their website and programs. She’ll also cover two modern strategies for marketing your eLearning programs: online communities and email drip campaigns. In this training, you’ll learn how to use on-demand content combined with an email campaign to generate leads, and you’ll learn how to tie your training to an online community and resource center for higher conversion.

In the fourth and final training, How to Increase Sponsors for Online Events, Jo Lynn Deal details a guided, step-by-step process of getting more sponsors for your online event. She outlines keys to developing successful event sponsorship packages by generating qualified leads, building relationships with ideal prospects, strengthening brand awareness, and much more.

Join the iCohere Academy for free, and gain access to these ‘on-demand’ trainings and many others. Join the academy here.

After registration:
Logon to the ‘iCohere Academy’.
Select ‘Courses & Webinars’ from the menu on the left.
You’ll find the four trainings above and many others in this classroom.
Select the training of your choice.
Select “Click to View Archived Recording”.
*You may have to download ‘WebEx’ to view this. Don’t worry, it is fast and free.

Have a question? Please reach out in the comments below.

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