Nonprofits: Host A Virtual Conference For Free With This Grant

In a recent webinar, experts from The National Farmers Association and the Western Region Public Health Training Center shared how they used a virtual conference to reach a hard-to-reach audience.

In January of this year, a panel of experts from ASHA participated in a tell-all panel interview and shared how their association raises over $1M in revenue each year through virtual conferences.

Now small and midsize nonprofits can reap the same rewards and apply for the opportunity to host a virtual conference for free through the iCohere Serving Those Who Serve Others Grant.

Serving Those Who Serve Others Grant

For over a decade, iCohere has been helping nonprofit organizations and government agencies advance their missions through multi-day virtual conferences. Due to budget
and staff limitations, smaller nonprofit service organizations often have not been able to provide their volunteers and public audiences with the benefits of a major virtual event.

For this reason, iCohere launched the Serving Those Who Serve Others grant program. Each year, the program provides pro-bono virtual conferences to a worthy nonprofit service organization, enabling these organizations to reach expanded national and global audiences.

In a collaborative process with iCohere, the selected organizations develop the content and handle the publicity and marketing of these multi-day events, and iCohere provides the design, hosting, and technology. The submission process is very easy, and the deadline for 2017 applications is December 30. Submit your application through

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