Featured Client: EMDRIA

Using Hybrid Events to Enhance Member Educational Offerings, Optimize Resources, and Diversify Revenue

Since hosting its first conference in 1996, EMDRIA enjoyed steady, regular attendance at the annual event. However, as membership continued to grow over the next two decades, the association was facing a few challenges with the event.

EMDRIA Case Study Webinar

Learn more about EMDRIA’s success story in the iCohere case study webinar.

First, the association’s strategic plan calls for increasing diversity of members, not just private practice, but also individuals who work for nonprofits, counseling services or agencies. Cost constraints of a physical conference play a big factor for this target audience. They may not have funding available for attending in-person events.

Second, an evaluation of existing member services revealed that members desired an online learning option due to scheduling conflicts common in the field of mental health. Learn how a partnership with iCohere helped address these two challenges.

Watch our client case study webinar with EMDRIA to learn more about their program and successful strategy.

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Login to the ‘iCohere Academy’.
Select from the menu on the left.
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Select the training of your choice.
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