Leadership Essentials: Tools to Maximize Planning

Leadership Essentials: Tools to Maximize Planning
Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 2:00 p.m. Eastern

Attend the live webinar and earn one CAE credit hour.

Planning is inherent in leadership.  Whether the daily to-do list, or the organizational strategic plan, the work of leadership revolves around successful planning. Members of the iCohere Academy identified planning tools as the top priority for 2018 leadership training. Thank you, Academy, for your feedback!

In associations and NGO’s, the demands on executives, staff, and volunteers seem to grow exponentially. Therefore, efficient and effective planning is critically important.

Planning can be viewed simplistically as short- or long-term. Short-term, as in planning the upcoming workshop, is a necessity and primarily tactical. Long-term planning, based on foresight, is the work that builds and sustains organizations. Although short-term planning is essential, it is long-term planning which will be the focus of this webinar. Now, be sure, some of the long-term tools certainly can be applied to short-term projects.

Attend the live webinar to earn one CAE credit hour.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Review planning tools that should be part of every leadership toolkit;
  • Highlight tools for immediate implementation;
  • Share tips for maximizing planning with limited means; and
  • Provide a list of planning tool resources — both traditional and digital.

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Your webinar host:

Amanda Batson - ADB PartnersDr. Amanda Batson, education architect and consultant, founded ADB Partners in 2004 specializing in Education on Demand. A major focus is quality hybrid learning and helping organizations achieve dynamic balance between face-to-face (f2f) and online experiences. Her consultant services include organizational planning, education design, speaking, research, writing, and facilitation of both in-person and virtual events, communities and courses.



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Message from Pascal Kaplan

On December 1, 2017, the founder and CEO of iCohere, Pascal Kaplan, handed the reins of CEO over to Lance Simon CVEP.

Simon, most recently iCohere’s EVP of Marketing and Sales, has ambitious ideas for ways iCohere can continue serving clients in the future, and he will build upon that foundation of exceptional, personal service that has been the hallmark of iCohere.

What started out as “The Kaplan Consulting Group” is now an online learning and community platform for associations that wraps courses, virtual and hybrid conferences, peer discussions and 18 other modules into a single All-in-One Unified Learning System.

iCohere’s Unified Learning System provides a cloud-hosted platform for professional online collaboration projects and events. Its “all-in-one” integrated system is used for webinars, self-paced courses, instructor-led courses, learning communities, and online community portals. iCohere offers a unique mixture of personalized training and ongoing support through every step of the planning, configuration, and execution process, ensuring that clients maximize their users’ experience and ROI.

Kaplan has had the privilege, as iCohere’s CEO, of seeing iCohere become one of the most respected LMS systems in what is now a crowded association learning marketplace.

Kaplan plans to devote much of his time to local volunteer activities, but he will remain as iCohere’s Board Chair.

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Unified Learning Design Studio

Want to hear an expert explain how to successfully create and launch an eLearning program for your association?

iCohere and Dr. Amanda Batson have created an online course that reveals the steps you need to take to create successful online learning programs for your members.

This is a can’t miss course if you want to expand your existing program or launch an entirely new program. The course is entirely online and self-paced.

10-Session Series – Training Curriculum:

Topics of Discussion and Their Associated Tools:

Amanda Batson - ADB Partners

Dr. Amanda Batson, education architect and consultant, founded ADB Partners in 2004 specializing in Education on Demand.

Session 1: Strategy, Tactics, and Responsive Planning
Resources: Learning Asset Inventory Template, UL Design Matrix Template

Session 2: Adult Learners and eLearning
Resources: Unified Learning Design Tool: eLearning per Adult Learning Principles

Session 3: Platform Basics and Beyond
Resources: Tool for System Review, Resource List

Session 4: Team Roles & Responsibilities
Resources: ‘Create a Team’ Template, List of Team Roles & Responsibilities

Session 5: Making the Business Case
Resources: Independent Practitioner’s Guide to Launching an eLearning Program, Resource List, Virtual Conference Budget Comparison Workbook, Virtual Conference Profit/Loss Model

Session 6: Unified Learning with Limited Resources
Resources: Resources Analysis Tool, Unified Learning ROI Workbook

Session 7: Curriculum: Ties That Bind
Resources: Curriculum Analysis Tool

Session 8: Instructional Design for Adult Learners
Guest Speaker: Tracy King, Chief Learning Strategist & Founder of InspirEd
Resources: Instructional Design Resources

Session 9: Digital Bridges for Unified Learning
Guest Speaker: Jo Lynn Deal, myMarketing Café
Resources: Template for Digital Bridges

Session 10: Unified Learning Case Studies: Success Stories
We go behind the scenes with guests from two associations

REGISTER: http://bit.ly/2EbovUs
After registration:
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Select ‘ULD Studio Series’
Select webinar of your choice
Click the “next step” at bottom right
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Four Steps to a Revenue-Generating eLearning Strategy

Now that we’re well in 2018, isn’t it time to craft an eLearning-Business strategy that generates revenue? You know you have wanted to do this for years. And, you know a strategy is critical to success. Plus, suspicions that your eLearning program could be better is right on target.

What is holding you back? Your day job? Concern the strategy will be out-of-date? Not sure where to begin?

Julie Steltner Walden Group

Julie Stelter is the President of Walden Group, where we believe that education is a life-long journey. Julie works with association clients to design and develop meaningful and profitable education programs.

While developing a strategy can be a daunting task, it can also reap huge rewards. Now is the time to kick-start your eLearning Business strategy!

In this webinar, Julie Stelter, Chief Learning Strategist at Walden Group, will break down the task of creating a strategy into four manageable steps. In this webinar, attendees will learn practical methods to develop an eLearning-Business strategy.

We cover four steps:

  1. Categorize educational offerings
  2. Create a learning-business vision
  3. Synergize learning and business goals
  4. Align business viability and member value

REGISTER: http://bit.ly/2EbovUs
After registration:
Login to ‘iCohere Academy’
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Select ‘eLearning Design’
Select “4 Steps to A Revenue-Generating eLearning Strategy”
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*You may have to download ‘WebEx’ to view. It’s fast & free!

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